Special Guest Toran Maronic and family visit Day 3 of Oakland Raiders Training Camp.

Special Guest Breaks Down Raiders Huddle

Day 3 of Oakland Raiders Training Camp finished with special guest, Toran Maronic, breaking down the team huddle. Six weeks ago Maronic suffered a traumatic brain injury during a 7-on-7 tournament leaving him in coma and spending nearly 3 weeks recovering in the hospital. Shortly after Toran’s injury occurred Terry O’Neill from Practice like Pros reached out to Coach Del Rio, letting him know about the injury and specifically that Toran was a huge Raiders fan who could use some encouragement. Coach Del Rio and the Oakland Raiders sent Toran a package full of Raiders gear.

Once the team was up in Napa for Training Camp the idea for a visit materialized and the details quickly came together to have Toran and his family visit practice as a guest of Coach Del Rio and his wife Linda. “It was really special to meet Toran and his family and have him out at practice today. He has experienced both a traumatic injury and also been through a pretty miraculous recovery. It is clear that Toran is a special young man who has an unbelievably positive outlook on the injury, the rehab, and what life will mean moving forward,” said Coach Del Rio.